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We are Animal Advocates Coalition, Inc.; a 501c3 non-profit organization that is working to create no-kill communities through empowerment, leadership, advocacy, and education. We are based in North Carolina, and work throughout the southeast either directly, or through partner organizations, focusing on preventing animals from entering the animal shelter network through pet retention, pet redemption, and by promoting the no kill concepts and programs, such as low-cost spay/neuter assistance and animal welfare education. It is our belief that these concepts must begin at the community level in order to create these necessary life-saving changes and by offering support to shelters who are making a difference by promoting these programs. Spay/Neuter education and awareness must be made available, using channels that will get information into the schools and through public awareness programs. We chose the word Coalition specifically because we believe that it takes an interwoven network of organizations across county, state, and national lines in order for our nation to make the shift and change the outcome for millions of homeless animals and the humans who assist them.

The Animal Advocates vision began as a group of dedicated shelter volunteers working within Granville County, NC, exclusively, trying to advertise, network and empty the rural, high kill, gassing facility. At that time, kill rates collectively were in excess of 80-90% and the standard euthanasia method was carbon monoxide poisoning. It soon became evident that emptying the shelter each week only to watch it fill up again was not creating the long-term sustainable change we were attempting. Our volunteers began to attend county, regional and national meetings, workshops and conferences to learn how others were making a difference in their communities. They visited numerous other animal shelters and got advice from respected rescue and animal welfare agencies. It was then that the goal turned from simply saving one at a time, to understanding that what was needed was policy changes and a shift of mindset within the community and public leadership to allow more to be saved, and improve their chances at a new life, and increase their chances, should they enter the shelter system.

Volunteer Opportunities:
We welcome volunteers to join us in our efforts to bring about change that is long-term, sustainable and cost effective in their communities by reaching out to the people and animals in need, and offering solutions that will impact and improve lives. There are many opportunities to volunteer that do not involve on site, hands on work. You choose your area of interest and the time you can commit. No amount or effort is too small. Email us at animaladvocatesgc@gmail.com to find out how to get involved.

We are a volunteer based organization who rely on monetary, goods and resource donations to assist in achieving this mission. Your tax-deductible donation will be used to Feed / Fix / Find / Fence / Foster / Find Forever homes and support our efforts to reduce intake in area animal shelters and find solutions for the homeless pet. Spay/Neuter, Pet Retention, Redemption, along with community and shelter assistance through Community Outreach and Education are just a few of the ways your donations will be utilized to help save more lives!

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Thank you for your continued support! Together we are making a difference!

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